As Part Of Our Efforts To Provide Single-source Solutions For Our Customer’s Metal Part Production Needs, B&B Manufacturing Offers A Wide Range Of Powder Coating Services To Complement Our Advanced Metal Fabrication Capabilities.

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.We also stock a wide variety of resins and pigments to meet a wide range of finishing and color requirements. Our experienced team utilizes the latest powder coating equipment and techniques to produce high-quality coated surfaces with short turnaround times.
Our investment in advanced powder coating technologies allows our team to successfully apply coatings to a variety of objects regardless of complexity. We also have the capability to handle any production demands, ranging from low-volume runs to high-volume, mass-produced parts and components.

Our Powder Coating Process

At B&B Manufacturing, our powder coating process begins with adequate and thorough surface preparation. This pre-treatment ensures that the metal surface has a finish that easily accommodates the application of the powder coating. Our 20- by 20- by 8-foot dry sandblasting booth strips away contaminants, corrosion, and surface impurities, leaving the metal with a consistent and uniform finish that is ideal for the powder coating application. The surface is further cleaned using a phosphate treatment which enhances the coating appearance, prevents corrosion, and improves coating adhesion. Phosphate treatment is a two-step process that uses dry, hot, and saturated steam with a phosphoric acid solution. When applied, this solution penetrates the pores of the metal to thoroughly clean the surface. This process minimizes water and energy usage while significantly decreasing or eliminating drying time.
The powder coating application booth utilizes an electrostatic process whereby coating particles being emitted are electrically charged with opposite polarity to the charge of the grounded metal surface. The coating consists of a combination of resins, curatives, leveling agents, and pigments in accordance with our customer specifications. The powder mixture is then transported to the nozzles where an electrical current imparts an electric charge to the powder coating particles. The difference in electrical charge causes the paint powder to be attracted to the metal and adhere to the surface being coated. The final step of the coating process involves placing the component in a 20- by 20- by 8-foot powder coating oven. Applying heat triggers a chain of chemical reactions which harden the powder coating for a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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Metal plays a pivotal role in the production of aircraft structures, engines, and various aerospace systems. From fuselage panels and wing components to turbine blades and landing gear, metal parts provide strength, lightweight properties, and withstand extreme conditions encountered in aerospace applications.


From tractor parts and harvesting implements to irrigation systems and livestock handling equipment, metal parts provide durability, strength, and precision in agricultural operations.


Chemical manufacturing for metal parts is a crucial process that involves the application of various chemical techniques and treatments to enhance the properties and performance of metal components.


Electronic manufacturing incorporates metal parts into electronic devices, enhancing their functionality and durability. From circuit boards to heat sinks, metal components provide structural support, electrical conductivity, and efficient heat dissipation.


Food manufacturing relies on metal parts to ensure efficient and hygienic processes. Metal components are integral in food processing equipment, packaging machinery, and conveyor systems. These parts are designed to meet strict sanitary standards, withstand harsh cleaning processes, and maintain food safety.

Machinery Manufacturers

Machinery manufacturing heavily relies on metal parts to construct robust and functional equipment. Metal components serve as the building blocks of machinery, providing structural integrity, mechanical strength, and reliable performance.


Metal plays a critical role in the construction of marine vessels, offshore structures, and maritime equipment. From hulls and propellers to navigation systems and rigging hardware, metal parts are essential for ensuring seaworthiness, durability, and performance in challenging marine environments.


Military manufacturing heavily relies on metal parts to produce essential components for defense and security purposes. Metal plays a vital role in the construction of military vehicles, aircraft, weapons, and equipment. From armored hulls and bulletproof vests to weapon barrels and aircraft fuselages, metal parts provide strength, protection, and functionality in demanding military operations.


Metal plays a crucial role in the construction of solar panels, mounting structures, and support frames. From aluminum frames and stainless steel fasteners to copper connectors and busbars, metal parts provide durability, stability, and electrical conductivity in solar installations.

Oil Field

Metal components play a crucial role in the production, exploration, and extraction of oil and gas resources. From drilling equipment and wellheads to pipelines and storage tanks, metal parts provide strength, corrosion resistance, and reliability in harsh and challenging oil field environments.


Metal plays a key role in the construction of optical devices such as cameras, telescopes, microscopes, and laser systems. From lens mounts and precision frames to reflective coatings and adjustable mechanisms, metal parts provide stability, precision, and durability in optical instruments.

Packaging/ Converting

Metal plays a crucial role in the construction of packaging machinery, containers, and closures. From metal cans and jars to caps and lids, metal parts provide durability, security, and preservation for a wide range of products.

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