Powder Coating

As part of our efforts to provide single-source solutions for our customer’s metal part production needs, B&B Manufacturing offers a wide range of powder coating services to complement our advanced metal fabrication capabilities.

We also stock a wide variety of resins and pigments to meet a wide range of finishing and color requirements. Our experienced team utilizes the latest powder coating equipment and techniques to produce high-quality coated surfaces with short turnaround times.

Our investment in advanced powder coating technologies allows our team to successfully apply coatings to a variety of objects regardless of complexity. We also have the capability to handle any production demands, ranging from low-volume runs to high-volume, mass-produced parts and components.

Our Powder Coating Process

At B&B Manufacturing, our powder coating process begins with adequate and thorough surface preparation. This pre-treatment ensures that the metal surface has a finish that easily accommodates the application of the powder coating. Our 20- by 20- by 8-foot dry sandblasting booth strips away contaminants, corrosion, and surface impurities, leaving the metal with a consistent and uniform finish that is ideal for the powder coating application.

The surface is further cleaned using a phosphate treatment which enhances the coating appearance, prevents corrosion, and improves coating adhesion. Phosphate treatment is a two-step process that uses dry, hot, and saturated steam with a phosphoric acid solution. When applied, this solution penetrates the pores of the metal to thoroughly clean the surface. This process minimizes water and energy usage while significantly decreasing or eliminating drying time.

The powder coating application booth utilizes an electrostatic process whereby coating particles being emitted are electrically charged with opposite polarity to the charge of the grounded metal surface. The coating consists of a combination of resins, curatives, leveling agents, and pigments in accordance with our customer specifications. The powder mixture is then transported to the nozzles where an electrical current imparts an electric charge to the powder coating particles. The difference in electrical charge causes the paint powder to be attracted to the metal and adhere to the surface being coated.

The final step of the coating process involves placing the component in a 20- by 20- by 8-foot powder coating oven. Applying heat triggers a chain of chemical reactions which harden the powder coating for a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

B&B Manufacturing’s Powder Coating Solution

While powder coatings can be used for aesthetic purposes, this coating technology applies anti-corrosive properties as well. At B&B Manufacturing, we stock a variety of pigments to produce any unique color combination our customers may require.

Our sizeable booths can accommodate a wide range of parts and components with short turnaround times. Our thorough sandblasting and phosphoric steam bath pre-treatments ensures that the surfaces are adequately prepared to produce quality coating finishes that are second to none.

Are you interested in working with B&B Manufacturing for your next metal fabrication project? Contact us to learn more about our services and how they can benefit your operation.